About us

„Ziarenko Happy Home” is a small kindergarten with a six-year-old tradition, led with Maria Montessori’s method.

The kindergarten is situated only 1500m from Wroclaw in a quiet and green nook of Zabrodzie
in the direct neighborhood of a park with a beautiful old-growth forest.

Even though Zabrodzie is located near Wroclaw, it is a place to which you will get at any time, avoiding traffic jam associated with arriving at and leaving the city.

For the best care and the development of children entrusted to us, we provide every day:

  • friendly, loving and warm family atmosphere in which we try to help children on the way
    to independence,

  • educational program consistent with the pedagogy of Maria Montessori,

  • specially prepared environment, equipped with the latest educational development aids,

  • classes conducted in POLISH and ENGLISH,

  • suitably qualified and experienced teacher, full of passion, commitment and human touch
    in contact with children,

  • the use of the communication method “without the violence”, by Thomas Gordon

  • additional free activities: logopedics, art therapy, sensory arts, fitness, specially prepared program in physics and chemistry for preschool children and others,

  • frequent trips to “interesting places” including National Forum of Music, museums, theaters,

  • cooperation with parents,

  • child care from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm

In our kindergarten we value the privacy of children and their parents. Photos of our children of the daily life of kindergarten or the occasional events are only available for parents registered in the “parents area”.