In our institution, in accordance with the ideas of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, we strive to ensure that children could passionately discover themselves and the beauty of the surrounding world.

In a specially prepared environment we create conditions and opportunities so the children could:

  • focus on their tasks,

  • make a choice independently,

  • be confident,

  • learn how to be patient and not to give up in their efforts,

  • express respect toward themselves and others,

  • grow up with no punishments, rewards and evaluation,

  • be raised with the respect for the work of others,

  • prove themselves in support and social initiative,

  • develop their sensibility for the cultural, national and religious differences,

  • subordinate to rules and social norms,

  • express their emotions, needs and views.

Our behavior toward a child is kind and full of respect. We treat children just like we would like to be treated.

Who loves another person, finds in one’s all good as possibly exists – not only explicit advantages but also hidden virtues. It is possible to say that loving one has the other face and sees the love deserving qualities which others cannot see”. Dr. Maria Montessori

We follow the principle “wait and observe”

We help the child to “do it on their own”

We wish that our children were cheerful and happy!